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FAQs on Comprehensive Breast Screening Package

The CK Birla Hospital for Women is offering a comprehensive breast screening package which includes FREE services of around Rs. 5000/-.

The 3-stage comprehensive breast screening package includes:

  • A manual clinical breast exam or a Medical Tactile Breast Examination (MTE)
  • Ultrasound/Mammogram (Ultrasound for women below 40 years and Mammogram for women above 40 years)
  • Consultation by a breast specialist

This comprehensive breast screening package is absolutely FREE of cost.

The package is completely free. But you will need to agree to undergo all the 3 inclusions in breast screening.

Breast Cancer has a very high incidence and mortality rate in India. The reason is that majority of breast cancers are diagnosed at a fairly advanced stage. Hence, we have developed a very comprehensive programme for breast cancer prevention and screening.

This offer is part of a research study in association with NAB in India and in collaboration with Discovering Hands, Germany and is being supported by Bayer Group in India, as a CSR initiative.

Our hospital has partnered with the National Association for the Blind (NAB) to offer a unique breast screening technique Medical Tactile Breast Examination. This technique uses the highly developed sense of touch of visually challenged women to detect any abnormalities which could be indicative of breast cancer.

It's a manual exam, completely non-invasive. And no machines are used to conduct it.

As visually challenged people are trained to read Braille, these women who have undergone an intensive training programme in Germany use their highly developed sense of touch to conduct the breast exam. The MTE uses strips of tape marked with Braille coordinates. Using that strip, the MTE makes a grid in the breast region covering the breasts, underams area till the ribs, neck and back. She slowly feels her way along this grid so that wherever she finds a lump, she can tell the doctor its exact location.

Medical Tactile Exam is complimentary to an ultrasound or mammogram. It's not a substitute and aids the doctor in diagnosis. The findings are marked by the MTE on a tactile graph which is read by the doctor.

MTE is ideal for women between 20-80 years. It's a manual exam, completely non-invasive. And no machines are used to conduct it.

The MTE takes about 45 minutes to analyse a thorough case and family history and to conduct the breast exam.

You can get only an MTE done. However, this is a chargeable service. Cost for the same is Rs. 800.

The appointments may require you to come on 2 days. First day, we will schedule your MTE and ultrasound/mammogram. Your reports may take a day to be ready and compiled. Once your report is ready, your appointment with the breast specialist will be scheduled based on Doctor availability.

Please budget for 1.5 hours when you come on the first day for your MTE and Ultrasound/Mammogram screening.

  • MTE takes about 45 minutes
  • Ultrasound takes about 30 minutes
  • Mammogram takes about 20 minutes

The doctor appointment on your next visit will take about 30 minutes.

Appointments for MTE and Ultrasound or mammogram are available between 9 am - 5 pm from Monday - Saturday. These cannot be done on Sunday and any government holidays.

Your appointment with the breast specialist will be scheduled based on Doctor availability.

We request you to come on time for the appointment.

Please ensure that you keep the following things in mind, when you come in for your appointment:

  • Are not having your periods
  • Are not wearing any perfume or deodorant
  • Are not wearing any talcum powder
  • Are not wearing any jewellery on your neck or ears. In case you are, you will be required to remove that for the screening

We provide you your Ultrasound or Mammogram report based on what you have undergone. However, we do not provide any films or CDs of the same. The Doctor provides you the prescription covering any medical guidance, as is appropriate in your case. No separate MTE report is given as findings from that are only used to aid the Doctor diagnosis.

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