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Tag: Lamaze Classes

Pregnancy Exercises
August 30, 2019

Aching back, swollen ankles and insomnia-sounds familiar? In other words, you’re likely to be pregnant!  Is there anything you can do to minimise these uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy? Turns out, there is exercise. Maintaining a regular exercise routine during the course of your pregnancy can help you stay hale and hearty. Working out while you’re pregnant provides a lot of health benefits — a mood booster, a diminution in many pregnancies-related uncomfortable symptoms and a

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Lamaze Classes
July 22, 2019

The CK Birla Hospital for Women is one of the first hospitals in India to offer Lamaze classes in addition to our world-class aid in obstetric healthcare. To sign up for a session, or to talk to a professional about Lamaze, contact us at your soonest convenience. What is The Lamaze Method? Childbirth has long been known as one of the most painful experiences a woman might go through during the course of her life. Over the years, researchers, pharmacologists, and doctors have continually

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