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Tag: Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement Surgery
September 16, 2019

Surgery is not the only solution to treat knee pain. Only about 20% of patients need knee replacement surgery, whereas 80% of patients don’t. It is essential to maintain weight, engage in an active lifestyle and increase physical activity or light exercises to keep joints active and healthy. Increasing the amount of calcium, vitamin D and other essential nutrients in your diet also help in maintaining bone health. Surgery may be required only in case of chronic conditions such as constant

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Knee Replacement
September 9, 2019

When patients struggle with a chronic knee problem, they are often suggested a knee replacement surgery. Dr. Debashish Chanda, Consultant, Orthopaedics at the CK Birla Hospital for Women talks about how one can control the situation through alternative ways, which can help in increasing knee strength. The first step is to reduce weight. The second is to consider strengthening exercises. Watching your diet could also help in being fit. Hear Dr. Debashish Chanda, as he elaborates these

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Knee Pain
August 26, 2019

When one talks about pain in the knee, many people feel that it is a condition that can usually affect athletes and elderly people. While these are the high-risk categories, it is important to know that almost anyone can experience this pain. The pain can begin in the joints or in the knee cap area or it may also occur in the ligaments, tendons and cartilages of the knee. Symptoms of Knee Pain The most obvious symptom is pain in the knee. But the location of the pain and the severity of the

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