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Dr. Rachna Singh, expert obstetrician and gynaecologist talks about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome/Disorder (PCOS/PCOD). This is the most common endocrinopathy which has been observed in women of reproductive age, usually prevalent between 18-45-years. Every 1 out of 10 females suffers with PCOS. There is no specific reason behind PCOS, though elevated insulin resistance is noticeable in

In India, menstruation has proven to be a bit of a taboo. Considered dirty and impure, women avoid speaking about their periods in public and shopkeepers package sanitary napkins in opaque black plastic. Yet, all women experience the emotional and physical ebbs and flows of the menstrual cycle. For some women, their periods can feel

In the case of endometriosis, the tissue lining the uterus grows into other organs, often around the ovaries, fallopian tubes and the tissue lining the pelvis. Infertility is a common symptom of endometriosis. It is common because scarring from the condition can block eggs from traveling through the fallopian tubes and may also damage eggs

IVF treatment is one of the most common, effective and beneficial techniques available for improving the chances of pregnancy in women. This is actually a very effective process and has really completed the families of many. It is a ray of hope and the CK Birla Hospital for Women in Gurgaon takes pride of having